🍳🐈 Outside Kitchen

@ La Forêt du Dragon

🐈 Le Jardin du Chat is our communal kitchen. It is the central place to prepare food and to eat together.

You can prepare your food on your own gas stove, on the rocket stove, BBQ or fire pit. Open fire is only here allowed due to the risk of a fire hazard. 
For the fire on the rocket stove you can use the branches shown below

Electricity is for charging your phone. Not for other devices. If you still want to do it, please donate some money as compensation in our 'Merci-box'. 

For a campfire, use dead wood that you have collected/bring yourself or compensate us 5 euros each time.

Do not hesitate to have a coffee, a tea or a syrup. A drink is equivalent to 1 euro.

Since we really want to boost our biodiversity ..... we would like to ask you not to make wasp-traps. Instead feed them with bowls of salt water and fruit. When they have enough to eat and drink they will not disturb you. And also to use soap blocks or environmental friendly washing-up liquid. 


Unwind, come to yourself during a retreat or enjoy a super relaxed holiday.

La Forêt du Dragon is a forest of more then 25 hectares is at your disposal in the beautiful department of Aveyron, remote in the mountains of the Midi-Pyrenees.
From the very top with an amazing 365 degree view unto the very bottom of the valley with dense forest and a lovely babbling creek.