3 Day Adventure Trip

@ La Forêt du Dragon


Response-ability  is a concept I first heard from  
Madeleine Boerma.

It’s the premise that, while we can’t control outside events or even external stimuli in general, we can control how we respond.  

This is a uniquely human gift.
Because with the ability to respond comes a choice.
Response-ability gives us an absurd degree of power.

This quest is for people

♥ who's inner fire had been quite extinguished by several events over the past few years and are looking for the place to start to heal.
♥ who's had been anchored in their fixed thoughts and actions for years.
♥ who feel trapped in repeating toxic habits and dynamics
♥ who want to work actively on their IDG, starting with 'self'.

How would it be for you to feel ....

♥ you inner fire burning again.
Feeling alive. Your whole body being vibrant and you can't wait to do what you love to do most. 
♥ secured by a clear mind, receptive heart and a calibrated inner compass.
it is easy now to distinguish what thoughts are from you and what are the thoughts of others. Having a clear sense of self. 
♥ clear and determend and to be ready to say 'no' to what is not longer serving you. 
♥ strong again because you can look past the drama and stories. And see that these are pure distractions from what you are here for.

You have something bigger to do here then being caught up in the theater show of another person. 
And from this fire and this primal power you will continu your life. 

.... it is like coming home. This magical place is a perfect mirror of what is happening inside of you. You have to be here for this. In this power spot. Without hard work, just being and letting the magical energy of the Dragon Forest do the work ✨

That is possible if ....

You join me on your adventure. You arrive and settle in. The next morning we start our program by having a magnificent walk from the top of the mountain towards the creek in the valley.

Results of this Adventures Trip:
You will not wait for others to change.
You will be the change you want to see in the world.
I will help you to kick start to take response-ability in our own life. Both business and private. 
Elevate yourself into the next level in your life. 
And with you .. the world around you. 

Your investment during my pilot phase is only 300 euro this 3 days. 


Happy customers

“Marjolein has the skill to arrive at new insights in a relaxed but certainly challenging way, without convincing what is right or wrong. It was the "power of the mountain" and the "compass" of Marjolein that together achieved the effect that she managed to inspire me with.

This investment was very valuable. I look back on a fantastic week with this intriguing, quirky and smart coach.”

- Herjan Meijer

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What to expect practically?

This adventures nature quest is a way for you to find out what's left when there are no major distractions. No luxury, no social contacts, no meals. It will create space to listen to your inner voice. And that in the middle of a wild forest away from civilization. 
You will have a minimum 24 hours stay in the forest. There is a very simple hut in a little base camp at the creek. You have to bring warm clothing on you and your tooth brush. Wear shoes or boots that can handle water, they don't have to be waterproof because for reaching the place we need to walk a couple of times trough a little creek.  Your footwear gets fully soaked. 
I have warm sleeping bags, blankets and a pillow waiting for you. 

For food I have very basic ingredients for simpels meals ready. In case you have a diet or special wishes .... just bring your own food and we will prepare something delicious together on the fire. 

What will we do during this adventure?

Here below I describe a standard agenda. But this is easily altered to what you need. I offer this program on a 1-1 basis. But if you want to do it with your collegue, partner, friend or your child and grow together, this is also possible. So we only add people to our little group if they are close to you or if you agree for more people.

Arrival Day

Arrival Day is a travel day for you to arrive at my TinyHouse, Tipi or Camping. 
Around 19:00 we will make ourselves ready to have diner together in a local restaurant. 

Day 1

The morning and the begin of the afternoon you are on your own. You can make a walk, read a book, or ....

At 15:00 we gather at the outside kitchen. And we go for a goat walk together with Billy and Flower on the Dragon path.

This evening will be the last evening already! We prepare a meal together in the outside kitchen on open fire. This is the time for our 'good bye's'.

Day 2 | Morning

Around 09:15 we will have a coffee in Glâ.

From there we walk towards the camp at the creek. 

When we arrive we put our day packs in the hut and get the fire going.

Day 2 | Afternoon

At lunchtime we will make a simple meal on a open fire. 

Around 15:00 I leave the camp and you will stay 24 hours on your own. 

If being alone in the forest is to much for you .. we alter the program a bit.
It is possible to have Doggy Paulo with you, or Billy and Flower, two young goats that will happily accompany you. They will be of great emotional support if needed. And otherwise they are great company to be in anyway. 

Around 16:00 you can prepare your place to sleep. You can sleep in the hut. But also in your own tent or hammock if you bring them.


Day 3

You spent this day at the creek. 
There is some simple food for your breakfast and lunch availeble.

Around 15:00 I will come back. We will sit together and reflect on the passed 24 hours.
If you feel like staying for another night, you can stay another night in the forest. 

Otherwise when we feel ready .. we return to civilisation and have a meal around 18:00 at Glâ. 

Around 21:00 I bring you back to the top to your own accomodation.

Departure Day

Time to go home .... 

It is totally fine when you want to arrive earlier, leave later or add nights at the creek.

Just discuss all the alterations you need in advance and make a booking in one of the accommodations that are availeble and transform your retreat into a little holiday. 

In case of any question sent me a Whatsapp 📲➡️ 0033 6 50 11 86 32 and you will receive my immediate response.
Come, relax and experience contact with mother earth and your own inner voice that guides you.

Pricing Test Phase

Do you want to join my test phase? This is until 30 April 2023. 
Then I have this incredible price for you, 300 euros for one person, 500 euros for two persons.  
The price includes 

    • 3 nights Accommodation
    • 3 days Adventures Program
    • Coaching
    • Local and/or organic food

Normal Pricing

The price includes 

    • Welcome dinner in a local restaurant
    • 3 nights Accommodation
    • 3 days Adventures Program
    • Coaching
    • Local and/or organic food

Tiny House:

1 person:       € 984 
2 persons:  € 1.363


Unwind, come to yourself during a retreat or enjoy a super relaxed holiday.

La Forêt du Dragon is a forest of more then 25 hectares is at your disposal in the beautiful department of Aveyron, remote in the mountains of the Midi-Pyrenees.
From the very top with an amazing 365 degree view unto the very bottom of the valley with dense forest and a lovely babbling creek.