Webinar - Off-grid living and earning an income

Thursday, 25. April 2024 - 18:00 until 19:00


Have you ever thought about living off-grid, but unsure what it all involves? Great that you've found this webinar! Creating a life of your dreams isn't realized in one go, you need transition time. That's what this webinar is about. 

Who are your hosts? 

Marjolein has been living and working off-grid since 2010 years. Her off-grid journey started in Sierra Leone and Soloman Islands and continued in France, at the Dragon Forest. Melissa is originally from the Netherlands. After travelling and volunteering around Portugal and Spain for 3 years, she landed in the mountains of France where she's currently creating the "Center of Resilience" together with Marjolein. We both have turned our lives completely from corporate world to a life in alignment with nature. We here here today to inspire you with our story and provide insights in our personal journey, and invite you to do the same! Change is made together. 


What to expect from this webinar? 

We are giving this webinar for you to be inspired, but also to become inspired. We ask for interaction as we love to be inspired by your personal story and dreams as well! 

  • What is our background
  • What is off-grid living and what are we doing at La Forêt du Dragon
  • Transition period towards your dream life
  • Our sources of income and difficulties we've encountered
  • The importance of a likeminded community 


Who is this webinar for? 

Everybody can join this webinar and it would be best when you resonate with the following: 

  • You're considering or dreaming about another way of living 
  • You want to hear how other people have made the transition our of city/societal life 
  • You're curious about alternative (online) ways of earning an income 
  • You'd like to meet likeminded people and exchange stories 

Personal contact is very important for us. That's why we prefer you to turn on your camera during this webinar and invite you to ask all questions you have. 

We hope to see you soon!

With love, 
Marjolein & Melissa



Webinar - Off-grid living and earning an income
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