Customized retreat


Carry your own light

Customize your own Retreat and Coaching @ La Forêt du Dragon

Do you feel the need to take a break from life? My forest is the ideal place for you.
I have ampel possibilities for you to find whatever you search for. 

Inner compass

What I have to offer?

My forest holds a certain energy that will give you inner guidance and coaching. Also I am available for you to shift into a next level.

Let me explain
Let me explain de structure, this is the formula = accommodation + my coaching (we will discuss €) + food & drinks.

I cannot wait to meet up with you in my Forest and help you see which way to go. 


  • your very own forest retreat.
  • tailored exactly the way it fits you (and your wallet). 
  • any need for personal development and insights will be offered.  

Example 1  = 3 nights x 79 = 237 euros for the TinyHouse + 300 euros for walking coaching + 150 euros for local and/or organic food and drinks = 687 euros for a three-day retreat. 
Example 2  = 14 nights x 7.5 = 105 euros for a stay in your own tent or camper in one of the gardens + 50 euros for a short session + 0 euros for food and drink if you bring it yourself = 155 euros for a two -week retreat. 
Example 3  = 4 nights x 15 = 60 euros for a stay deep in the forest, this is for people that feel safe inside themselves and in nature + 2 times 50 euros for a short session before and after entering the forest + 0 euros for food and drink if you bring it yourself = 160 euros for an unforgettable retreat. 
Additional option 1  = 
Additional option 2  = In agreement with me .. you can take one (or more) of my animals to accompany you on your journey.   

Happy customers

 “My inner fire had been quite extinguished by several events over the past few years.
I was looking for the place to heal. A post: "Stay in the Dragon Forest".
This immediately appealed to me and I sent a message to Marjolaine. Three days later I arrived in the Dragon Forest.
It was like coming home.”

- Cynthia Ashof

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The accommodation + my coaching + food & drinks


In my Tiny House   or my old Stone House   or in your own tent or van 
prices from €79 per night prices from €50 per night prices from €7,5 per night
Tiny house Marjo


Walking coaching Coach consult with a good glass wine
prices from €75 per hike prices from €45 per 30 minutes
Walking coaching Wine consult

Food and drink

You bring your own groceries  I arrange local and/or organic food 
price is €0 Prices from €45 per day
Your own groceries



Curious about one of our retreats? View below in the calendar when which retreats take place
and whether there is still availability for the retreat of your choice!


19 t/m 22 December Boundries .. boundries ..


2 t/m 4 september 
18 t/m 24 september 
25 september t/m 1 oktober 

My coaching style

My coaching contains all sorts of insights based on Advaita and Stoic filosofie and how you can apply the insights in your daily life.
Beside this we are going to look at your love and fight languages, your attachment style, how non violent communication can serve you ..... and we get to work with 'the work' of Byron Katie. Also we will have sharings on our emotional tempreture meter and what consent means and how to ask for it.