Welcome to "La forêt du Dragon",

Do you notice that society and/or you have reached a tipping point?
Do you recognise that on the outside you have a good life, but you feel that your inner fire could be re-kindled.

Do you want to make the next step towards your career, a certain project or a more autonomous life,
but you feel you can't find the beginning of the tape roll?

Don't grow old with regrets.

Let's rekindle your inner fire together.

Happy customers

 “24 hours in the woods with Marjolein gave me insights in a relaxed way that I have never had before. Marjolein coaches you in a very informal and relaxed way, this has given me really nice new insights.  Thank you Marjolein, I will definitely come back.”

- Marijke van Dijk

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Dragon Forest

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