How to potty train your baby

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In this training I teach you how to teach your baby to poo and pee on a potty within 3 days.
You can do this from day 0. 

Impact on your baby

Baby's don't like dirty diapers. That is the reason why they cry after they pied or pooped. It feels umcomfertoble for them. They are born with an aversion on dirty diapers. So, first we teach babies to tollerate to lay in their own .... and later on we start to potty train them. But we can do this from the day they are born.

Within 3 days your baby is capeble to poop 90% on a potty. Just imagene ........


Impact on the parents

I was looking forward to become a mom, but not the dirty poop diapers.
So i searched how to solve this. And guess what .... cleaning poop diapers isn't nessecary. I cleaned no more then 3 poop diapers of my daughter.

And also not a sticky poop bin in the baby room. 

Impact on your wallet

According to NIBUD, we spend an average of €36.50 per month on diapers in the first year of a baby. 

For a new born baby = 12 times €36,50 = €439,20
For a one year old = 12 times €18,30 = €219,60
For a 2-4 year old = 24 times €14,64 = €351,36

That makes a total of €1.010,16 per child.


Enviromental impact

According to NIBUD, we use on average 10 diapers a day in the first year a baby. 

For a new born baby = 10 diapers per day for a year is = 3.650 diapers
For a one year old = 5 diapers per day for a year is = 1.825 diapers
For a 2-4 year old = 4 diapers per day for a year is = 2.920 diapers

That makes a total of 8.395 diapers per child.

Every year, approximately 530,000 babies and children in the Netherlands wear diapers.  That creates 150 million kilos of diaper waste every year.  Per child, that is about 300 kilos per year or 25 kilos per month! before being potty trained.  You help the environment the most if you use fewer diapers.  This saves raw materials, energy, water and space in landfills.

Results of this course

Within 3 day's your baby pees and poop on a potty. Even if they are not a week old jet. 

Happy customers

I don't have a happy customer jet.
Hopefully you will become one. 
- Marjo


You can pay the value of 1 month diaper consumption.
In western Europe this is around €36.50.
In many developing countries this will be around €8.00.
If you cannot affort to pay, but you would like to learn then send me an email. I will give you a coupon for free access. 
Click here for the training ------

For every amount above €8.00 I will make a direct investment on biodiversety on our terrain. 


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