Dog Holiday

@ La Forêt du Dragon by DogTravel

A relaxed holiday with your dog

Do you also think it would be fun to be out and about with your dog? To put on your backpack, stuff in it for the day and stroll along the paths with your dog. 
Take a break together and enjoy the beautiful view or the beautiful surroundings!

✨ Upcoming dates ✨

Saturday 27 May till Wednesday 31 May 
Monday 14 August  till Friday 18 August.

Nathascha and me are your hosts.
We share our passion for animals and nature since our childhood. 
 And we love to share a holiday with you. 

Happy Participant

I've been following courses in tracking for a long time and recently also detection by Nathascha. 
What a fantastic company! 
With a skilled eye for the dog and the owner. 
Quality is of paramount importance. 
They are happy to go an extra mile for you. 
The knowledge you gain is a mega valuable addition to your dog's life! 
Highly recommended for everyone!

- Henry van de Bee

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Meal preparation

The goat walk


Unwind, come to yourself during a retreat or enjoy a super relaxed holiday.

La Forêt du Dragon is a forest of more then 25 hectares is at your disposal in the beautiful department of Aveyron, remote in the mountains of the Midi-Pyrenees.
From the very top with an amazing 365 degree view unto the very bottom of the valley with dense forest and a lovely babbling creek.