Tiny Forests

On our terrain I want to develop 10 Tiny Forests of each 100-300 m2 with the Miyawaki forest method. Those forests are dense and biodivers. It is a mixture of several local varieties of trees enriched with fruit trees and other native vegetation that feed and give shelter to many insects and birds. 
Seedlings get collected below wild trees. After collection, in October, they are planted densely, 3-5 trees/m2 randomly (not in line). Mixing as many native trees as possible with a thick layer of mulch. 
The photo's below are from other projects to give an impression of what this is about. 

I seek for partnerships, both private and corporate wise …… to support me in funding.
Do you want to grow Tiny Forests with me? 🤗🌳🌸🌲🐿
You can help me plant more trees by making a donation to my PayPal account. I will send you receipts and photos to show you what I did with your input.
When done by an external professional the cost is approximately 35 euro per square meter. I do it myself, so my cost price is around 10 euro per square meter.
The costs include no labor for collection and planting.
It does include enriching the soil with manure, mulching the soil against the hot sun and nourishing the soil and fencing the place. So, for one the cost will be between 1.000 and 3.000 per forest. Depending on the size.

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