Living in nature

LA FORET DU DRAGON : Are there really dragons in the Dragon Forest? The chances of seeing them are slim...but you can't blame them - the Aveyron countryside is truly picturesque and there are fruit trees in the gardens of this food forest.

The largest rivers in the region are the Goul and the Truyère, and there are also dozens of lakes in the nearby Aubrac Regional Natural Park. (Yes, everything is very nice here for people who cycle/walk on holiday.)

This place is simple and natural, so there aren't many facilities, but guests can use the dry toilets and showers, and there is a small supermarket selling daily use products. For more shopping you go to the village of Mur de Barrez 20 km by car.

The pitches are located in rather isolated places (called gardens).

They are spaced from each other and you have to walk a short distance to get there.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful forest!

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